The coaches at Mountain Side CrossFit come from diverse athletic backgrounds and experience, but they all have one thing in common, they care. Their passion and commitment to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals is what separates us from other gyms. We know every member and their fitness goals, and strive to provide the training, education, support and motivation to meet these goals. As a coaching staff, we are committed to pursuing excellence and pushing you to thrive, not just survive. We are invested in taking care of you and take pride in helping you to enjoy life. We are in the business of getting you prepared for any obstacle or task life may throw at you.

Bryan Lundstrom

Head Coach/Owner

NASM Certified personal trainer since 2000

CrossFit Mobility

CrossFit Level One Trainer

CrossFit Coaches Prep Course (CPC)

CrossFit Competitors Course

I was introduced to CrossFit in April 2012 at a mobility class that I attended with a couple of other trainers I worked with. I figured I was going to learn some new techniques to share with my clients but to my surprise, I was called into the middle of the group and was shown a technique that allowed my left knee to open up and have more range of motion, than I have had since my ACL reconstructive surgery in 1995.

My jaw dropped to the floor. I was hooked ever since and after 12 years of personal training, I changed my training methods and learned a ton about CrossFit and fell in love with it!

Then in October 2012, I sustained a 3rd degree separation of my left shoulder playing hockey. After two surgeries, I use CrossFit methods to continue to rehabilitate my knee and my shoulder.

CrossFit is a way of LIFE!!

Anthony Muñoz

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1

Athletic Background: Former High School and Division 2 College Wrestler

Something that motivates me: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for You are with me, Your rod and Your staff they comfort me.”
Food: Takis, Watermelon, Burgers, and Nachos!
Non-gym activity: Eating

Throughout my sports career I had always heard about CrossFit but I never knew what it was. It wasn’t until I got a hernia from wrestling in the spring of 2015 and needed surgery that I did internet search on it. The first thing that came up was the highlights of the 2014 CrossFit Games. At that moment I believed that CrossFit could be the fastest way to recover and get back into wrestling shape. I did my very first CrossFit WOD after my surgery recovery and was immediately hooked. Since then I have been working hard every day not just for my health, but to be the fittest that I can possibly be. I love to push my body beyond its limits and I like to help others do the same so they can achieve their health and fitness goals. I love CrossFit for its intensity and because you don’t need to have a fitness or athletic background to do it.

Ivy Herman

Certifications: CrossFit L1, CrossFit Kids

Athletic Background: I played soccer and softball through high school but at one point or another, played everything from cross-country to tennis to volleyball to swimming.

WOD: Annie
Quote: Wherever you go, there you are
Food: Sushi
Non-gym activity: Cooking

I have played sports since I can remember! I always like them, but beginning in high school, my motivation to play on a team really decreased and my time spent on the couch, sedentary, and not caring about my health, friends, or really anything increased. My mom has always been active – she was a gym-goer, a runner, and then found CrossFit. She tried to convince me to try it multiple times, but I always turned her down…I was a victim of the “I’m not in good enough shape to go” and “I’m too self-conscious” mindsets. I got annoyed at how much she talked about it, at how she said I would like it and that it would be good for me. I thought I knew myself…and my 18 year old self was saying that I would not like it one bit. Because who exercises for fun…right? My senior year of high school, she gave me an ultimatum: to come with her to CrossFit for 3 weeks and if I still didn’t like, I could stop OR she would stop buying me things…new clothes, meals out, etc. It sounds harsh (especially to a high school girl), but she could see better than I could at that point that my life was heading towards severe unhealthiness both physically and more importantly mentally. And so I went, and never left. I started slow, then really got into CrossFit my sophomore year of college at Bucknell University. That box became my escape from the stress of school and drama of friends. That community became my family when mine was hours away. I found myself taking more risks, having more confidence, smiling more, worrying less, standing up for myself, making better friends and better choices – and of course, I found myself stronger in every sense of the word. CrossFit is without a doubt my drug – it’s my Ambien, my Prozac, my Vicodin, my Adderall, my alcohol. It has occupied a spot in my life that otherwise would have been filled with sadness and probably self-destructive behavior. I became a coach because what CrossFit did for me, I want it to do for as many people as possible. I became a coach because there’s nothing more important than teaching people that they are capable of amazing things!

Victoria Cross

Certifications: CrossFit Level One

Athletic Background: Division 1 Volleyball Player, 2016 Miss Colorado Top 10 Finalist

Favorite WOD: Randy!

I started CrossFit the summer before my senior season of college volleyball. I wanted to be stronger and faster than ever and heard CrossFit was the place to get that done. After only 3 months of training I was stronger than my previous 12 years of competitive volleyball had ever made me.

After my sports career was over I missed having a team environment and competitive atmosphere so I decided to get my CF-L1 and have been coaching ever since.

I truly believe Crossfit is for everyone no matter where you are starting out. I absolutely love coaching and helping others improve and reach their goals. I also love Beyonce. So you’ll probably hear at least 1 of her songs in my class


Jasen Jacobsen

Certifications CrossFit Level 1

Athletic Background : Coached at Balance Athletics, The Refinery
Enjoys: Rugby, tennis, soccer


Guilty Pleasure-Muffins
Quote- “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”


Being a native of Colorado I love hiking biking climbing and anything active.
When I was introduced to CrossFit I immediately fell in love. My first WOD
happened to be Murph. The sense of accomplishment was empowering and humbling
experience. Coming from a bodybuilding background I was in a routine of everyday
being the same with nothing challenging me. I love how CrossFit brings the
challenge everyday to us all no matter what age or ability. We can always become
better and CrossFit brings us together to accomplish great things.